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Aeros Hang Gliders

Aeros has been manufacturing hang gliders and paragliders since 1991, their design team were created from the now defunct Antonov Construction Bureau before the new renaissance and unfreezing of the cold war. This gave Aeros a unique edge, providing highly qualified aerodynamicists and aero engineers who could utilize the resources of the old Antonov company, wind tunnels, machine shops and exotic aeronautical materials being a few.

Aeros’s first international success was the Stalker 14, back in 1992. From that point on they have refined and expanded their product range to include some of the most delightful and dynamic hang gliders and hang gliding accessories that have ever graced this planet, regularly taking World Records and Gold Medals in International competitions.

The current range of Aeros’s hang gliders span all pilot abilities from early days to hardened competitors, dune gooning to serious distance cross country flying, Aeros have a glider for you:

The Fox range of wings are designed to be, well, just FUN. Suitable for student to advance pilots with a very affordable price tag.

The Discus range of wings provide one of the best all round wings ever made. Capable of serious cross country flying and yet capable of gooning around in the lightest of winds.

The Combat range for the serious airhead. Very capable and competitive, competition wings suitable for a large range of pilot weights.

Other products are listed on the Aeros website, Flylight is the main UK dealer for all the Aeros range of products.

Visit the Aero website:

Prices correct January. 2013. Prices are ex vat and in Euros. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Beginner Hang Gliders
Fox 3200 euros*
Fox M (for powered harnesses) 3270 euros*
Target-21Bi 3815 euros*
Three-wheel landing gear for Target-21Bi 670 euros*
Options for Target-2 and Fox
Sail of clear AHAPEN (upper surface) ordered instaed of the dacron sail 133 euros*
Wheels on the A-frame, complete with inserts 40 euros*
Intermediate Hang Gliders
Discus 13, 14, 15 / Model A 3720 euros*
Discus 13, 14, 15 / Model B (2-m breakable) 3865 euros*
Discus 13, 14, 15 / Model C 4245 euros*
Spirit 14 4070 euros*
Options for Discus
Aluminium airfoiled speedbar with LS uprights, instead of FW with round speedbar 313 euros*
Carbon battens 8mm for Discus C / Spirit L ordered instead of ALU battens, set 215 euros*
Wheels on the A-frame, complete with inserts for VG rope 53 euros*
Competition Hang Gliders
Combat 09 (Alu round speedbar, aluminium battens) 5500 euros*
Combat 09 (Alu airfoiled speedbar, aluminium battens) 5685 euros*
Combat 09 (Carbon speedbar, aluminium battens) 5880 euros*
Combat GT (Carbon speedbar, 10mm carbon battens with tail) 6715 euros*
Options for Combat
Carbon battens 8mm for Combat ordered instead of ALU battens, set 267 euros*
Carbon battens 10mm for Combat ordered instead of ALU battens, set 373 euros*
Carbon inserts into the leading edge, set 192 euros*
Tail 433 euros*
CG variable system 427 euros*
Middle section of upper sail made of ODL (Technora) 333 euros*
Middle section and trailing edge of upper sail made of ODL (Technora) 387 euros*
Middle section, trailing edge of upper sail and leading edge made of ODL (Technora) 453 euros*
Spare Parts, ordered as reserve for new wing
Carbon battens 8mm for Combat L, set 640 euros*
Carbon battens 10mm for Combat L, set 733 euros*
Carbon airfoiled wingtips for Stealth/Combat, set 173 euros*
Carbon airfoiled wingtips with fin for Combat, set 173 euros*
Aluminium round speedbar OPT.S.L.220.000.AD-CG for carbon speedbar replacement 187 euros*
Aluminium round speedbar O.S.L.220.003.AD-CG for Al airfoiled speedbar replacement 187 euros*
Aluminium airfoiled speedbar for low-drag A-frame, fittings and quick pins included 427 euros*
Carbon airfoiled speedbar CBT2.13.220.000.AD for low-drag A-frame, set of brackets inc. 560 euros*
Carbon airfoiled speedbar CBT2.13.220.003.AD for CG-system, set of brackets inc. 600 euros*
Upright WW SlipStream 62 euros*
Upright WW LiteStream 62 euros*
Upright Bautek 62 euros*
Upright Finsterwalder 54 euros*
Heavy duty 6m bag (ordered in addition to normal bag) 160 euros*
HG trolly 729 euros*
Harness VIPER S (Matrix) 1164 euros*
Harness VIPER S (Oxford) 1121 euros*
Harness VIPER 2 (Matrix) 1079 euros*
Harness VIPER 2 (Oxford) 1036 euros*
Skin for VIPER S, Matrix (with foam) 371 euros*
Skin for VIPER 2, Matrix (without foam) 307 euros*
Skin for VIPER S, Oxford (with foam) 350 euros*
Skin for VIPER 2, Oxford (without foam) 286 euros*
Harness MYTH 3 721 euros*
XC harness MYTH EASY 679 euros*
XC harness CROSS COUNTRY 593 euros*
Tailored harness design 50 euros*
Harness rucksack 51 euros*
SX (XL) reserve 447 euros*
SX (L) reserve 420 euros*
SX (M) reserve 393 euros*
"Down HG" reserve, L and M sizes 347 euros*
"Winnie-the-Pooh" reserve 666 euros*
Harness for beginners "Standard-2", L and S sizes 162 euros*
Harness for beginners "Standard-2" with rescue pocket, L and S sizes 184 euros*
HG Drag chute for CC/Racer 42 euros*
HG drag chute for Viper/Myth 42 euros*
Long without hood 34 euros*
Long with hood 42 euros*
Winter balaklava - WB (Wind Block) 22 euros*
Demi-season balaklava - PS (Power Stretch) 15 euros*
Summer balaklava - PD (Power Dry) 12 euros*
Wind sock (small, 70-100mm diameter, 400-500mm long) 8 euros*
Wind sock (middle, 120-200mm diameter, 700-900mm long) 14 euros*
Wind sock (big, 250-300mm diameter, 1.2-1.5m long) 25 euros*
Wind sock without frame (biggest, 500mm, 2-2.3m long) 42 euros*
Wind sock with Alu frame (300mm diameter, 1.2-1.5m long) 42 euros*
Wind sock with Alu frame (500mm diameter, 2-2.3m long) 83 euros*
ULA bar mitts 42 euros*
ULA map holder (rolable) 36 euros*
ULA map holder (foldable) 46 euros*
*Note: Shipping charge for all gliders is £150 each.