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Air Creation Tanarg

Named after the highest mountain range in the Ardeche region in the south of France and home to the Air Creation Factory, the Tanarg represents the pinnacle in trike design.

Making a design leap forwards from the traditional ‘triangle of tubes’ layout, the Tanarg utililises state of the art CAD technology to produce a stainless steel spaceframe construction which optimizes lightness and strength.

The Tanarg is the result of a dedicated four year development program from the worlds largest and most experienced manufacturer of flexwing aircraft, and is home to a host of innovative and unique features, which makes the Tanarg quite simply the most advanced production trike unit in the world today.


Air Creation Tanarg: Structure

The heart of the beast – structure and engine installation
The Tanarg has a stainless steel spaceframe structure design. This allows precise control of structure and optimizes strength and weight. It also enables freedom for the designer to position elements of the structure to best effect.

Traditionally this sort of structure was too complex to produce and had high labour content demand making it costly. Using CAD technology and Laser cutting capabilities, the design team at Air Creation have been able to overcome these problems and take only the benefits.

The structure is divided into 3 main elements which bolt together and enable individual replacement if damaged.


The engine is supported in a cradle that attaches to the airframe through widely spaced isolation mounts. This produces a firm yet supple attachment with excellent vibration isolation properties whilst holding the engine steady from excess movement due to torque. The placement and thrust line has been optimized to reduce trim changes due to torque from power changes and give ideal progressive pitch / power co ordination.

The 100 horsepower Rotax 912ULS engine is chosen as the standard UK fit. This engine is a real powerhouse delivering its power effortlessly and with legendary reliability.

Protection from carburetor icing is provided with a bespoke Air Creation induction system which uses coolant to warm the carburetor bodies. This ‘permanent on’ system produces full time protection from carburetor icing without any power loss or any need for the pilot to remember to turn anything on.

The engine exhausts through two corrosion proof stainless steel silencer systems which are carefully designed with double ball joints and isolation mounts to be free from the collection of crack inducing fatigue.

Power delivery is completed with final drive through a high efficiency composite multi blade ‘Kievprop’ propeller either 3 or 5 blade. The 3 blade has the edge on efficiency and light weight, whilst the striking 5 blade design offers slightly lower noise. Protection from damage is provided by the generous ground clearance and inset metal leading edge protection strips.

Cooling is provided by an integrated coolant radiator with air ducted through slots in the rear fairing. Efficiency is good enough for prolonged full power climbs in hot ‘desert’ conditions.

The upper fairing or bonnet contains integrated scoops to duct air through the oil cooler on the top of the engine. The upper and lower fairings work together to increase efficiency by feeding smooth air into the propeller arc. The lower fairing also serves to contain the oil reservoir.

Fuel is provided by a giant 68litre fuel tank. This tank is situated at the lowest point on the aircraft and in line with the Cg of the trike. This positioning produces no trim change or change in ground stabilty from full to empty. Made from tough polyethelene it does double duty as a fairing. Filling is easy and the contents are easily read via a large transparent sight gauge.

The structure of the Tanarg is designed for long life. The main structure of the trike unit is corrosion resistant stainless steel. The iXess wing features Trilam main sail which ensures much ehanced life compared to traditional Dacron fabric when subject to the degrading effects of the Sun’s UV rays. All fittings and junctures are clearly built to last.


Aerodynamics – form and function
The sleek lines of the Tanarg are not just for styling. Through careful study of aerodynamics and the relative airflow the optimum position and angle of the ensemble was determined to achieve minimum drag.

The fairings are also optimized for protection of the crew from wind buffeting, and to provide smooth airflow into the propeller arc for maximum efficiency and minimum noise.

In addition care has been taken with the proportions to provide for positive aerodynamic balance in the Yawing Axis. This ensures straight tracking and easy coordinated roll handling throughout the large speed range.

Tailored for the Tanarg...
The BioniX is optimised for heavy loads. It is in perfect harmony with the Tanarg and takes advantage of its very large capacity for baggage and fuel, while retaining smooth handling. The maximum load of the BioniX - Tanarg rises to 472.5 kilograms for aircraft equipped with a parachute (in accordance with the European ultralight definition). The aptitude of the BioniX to short takeoffs and calm slow flight added to the robustness, the stability, and the braking ability of the Tanarg provide an aptitude to cross country flight that is truly unique.

Designed down to the smallest details...
In assembly you will be pleased by the ease of setup and adjustment afforded by the EASYFIT batten ends, the precise systems for adjusting the tension and rotation of the wing tips, the limited number of battens, the absence of washout struts, the easy installation of tip fins with 1/4 turn screws...

On the ground, you will admire the elegance of the design, the reinforced profile of the leading edge in Mylar backed up by rigid polycarbonate, the ‘pressure valves’ of the undersurface that prevent deformation at high speed, and the turbulators of the central part of the wing that allow for high angles of attack without sudden separation of air flow. You will also notice the four-point securing of the sail to the leading edge at the wings tips for a better sharing of forces, the soft junction of the upper surface that absorbs the changes in tension generated by the CORSET, the sample fabric sewn into the upper surface in order to test material strength during overhaul, and battens of carbon holding up the trailing edge at the wing tips, avoiding an extra luff line.

Once on board, you will appreciate the higher position of the lateral cables, out of the occupants way, the balance on the ground slightly pitched up, and the tip fins being carefully designed to be free from possible damage when parked wingtip on the ground.

In flight, you will enjoy the added protection afforded by a new higher windshield for the Tanarg (increased height allowed by the new position of the cables), the ergonomics of the CORSET lever, and especially the effortless pleasure of the performance...

And of course, you will not be able to resist admiring the quality of the materials used, like the new Grey-UVM fabric, the Kevlar reinforcement of the wing, the carbon of the luff line battens, and the extra-light tip fins, the Dyneema of the CORSET cord, the Zicral of the battens, the crossbar and the front leading edge.

Safety without compromise...
Extraordinary safety is enhanced with the BioniX, which has been tested in the worst conditions, pushed to over 200 kilometers per hour in test flights, an on-ground load of 2,710 kilograms, fitted witha leading edge of mixed fabric to reduce the influence of rain on handling in steep climbs, and with a proven stability system (luff lines). And even though engine failure has become more rare, the ability of the BioniX to land on a very short strip will reassure you. Designed and built with the know-how of a world-renowned manufacturer, holding the most stringent certifications, proud of its 28 years of experience, the BioniX and the Tanarg are delivered, tested and regulated, accompanied by exhaustive documentation for operation and maintenance. A network of professionals receiving continuing education for their upkeep ensures the proliferation of this knowledge to the four corners of the globe.

Air Creation Tanarg: Comfort

First Class Flight – comfort beyond your expectations!
Climb aboard the Tanarg. No need to twist and turn to get comfortable. The seats are fitted low for easy entry and the structure is open and roomy.

For the pilot the foot controls can be adjusted to accommodate any size person. No need for tools and lots of time to do this. Simply remove one quick release pin and the pedals slide easily backwards and forwards through a 160mm (6 3/8") range. A further 35mm (1 3/8”) of seat adjustment is available for those with extremes of stature.


The control pedals are designed to support and cup the pilot’s feet and the throttle and brake controls operate with an ergonomically designed action.

The pilot’s seat has a thick seat squab for maximum comfort. The seat can be fine tuned to a custom fit. The seat back has adjustable rake to find the exact desired angle and the design of the sides cup the pilot gently, giving a feel of comfort and increased security. Both seats are fully tested to a maximum load of 120kg, allowing for even the heaviest of pilots to fly legally and safely.

For the passenger the seating is nothing short of superb. The luxuriously padded large seat base and cupped seat back coupled with the generous headroom afforded by the curving wing support structure ensure total comfort. The footrests adjust in seconds through 160mm (6 3/8”) range to accommodate any leg length. The clever design of the relative positions of front and rear seat, ensure that no contact or restriction is felt between pilot and passenger. The rear seat is slightly above the pilot’s seat allowing for good visibility.

Seat belts are adjustable with easy to use ‘airline’ type buckles. Shoulder restraint is also provided feeding to inertia reel units that remove belt slack yet still allow full mobility to operate the flying controls and look around without restriction.

The design of the fairing and windscreen on the Tanarg is optimized to take the airflow and direct it around and above the pilot and passenger, ensuring freedom from fatigue inducing airflow buffet during prolonged high speed flight.

The superior comfort that all the above features offer, ensures that the Tanarg is perfect for comfortable long distance high speed touring and you can arrive at your distant destination with the minimum of fatigue.

Air Creation Tanarg: Safety

Safety – real security is our priority
The Air Creation philosophy regarding safety has been built on the experience gained through manufacturing thousands of aircraft over three decades and fulfilling the needs of the most demanding certification standards around the World.


Safety in the event of a hard landing is ensured with the deep travel energy absorbing suspension and landing gear. Should the crash be hard enough to get through this defence, the structure itself is made from 304 stainless steel, which has the property of yielding and absorbing energy with progressive ‘crumple zone’ failure, offering the best protection to the occupants.

Three point harnesses for both pilot and passenger provide secure restraint.

The main pylon and the front strut have internal cables. The connection of trike to wing has a safety strap which also doubles as a cross tube restraint cable back up. These provide alternate load paths in the unlikely event of failure of these primary structural components, due to unseen damage, mid air collision or loss of control scenarios.

Stability on the ground and resistance to roll over accidents is ensured with a low centre of gravity, wide wheel track and positively stable steering geometry.


The structure has been tested, and proven to exceed the most demanding certification codes for Ultralight aircraft in the world today.

The Tanarg and iXess combination has been subject to an extended flight test program well beyond that required for UK Section S airworthiness approval, including extreme high speed downwind landings, deliberate hard ‘crash’ landings, and even Alpine operation on Ski’s

All Air Creation wings are subject to pitch stability measurement taken on a ground based dynamic load cell rig which measures the stability at angles of attack well outside of that possible to test in the flight test program.

The Tanarg is also designed with brackets and ports for fitting a BRS ballistic recovery system (available as an option). This fires a parachute canopy to full inflation in less than 3 seconds and brings the whole machine and occupants safely down to earth in the event of catastrophic structural failure such as a mid air collision. The ultimate in personal flight safety.

Air Creation Tanarg: Ordering

Due to recent fluctuations in exchange rates, please contact us using the details below for an up-to-date price list.

The Air Creation philosophy regarding safety has been built on the experience gained through manufacturing thousands of aircraft over three decades and fulfilling the needs of the most demanding certification standards around the World.


Custom wing undersurface design - a unique opportunity

Air Creation are unique in the industry offering custom wing undersurface design option.

Due to computer controlled cutting a wide variety of possibilities exist and the finished result is purely down to your imagination.

Take a look at some of these pictures for inspiration then contact us with your ideas and a simple sketch and we will lay out your design on computer for final approval.

Customer service
Air Creation are geared up to support their products World wide, and have built their reputation by doing just that since the early 1980’s. A huge spares inventory is kept in stock for all their past and present models, and parts can be quickly dispatched to anywhere in the World.

Air Creation products are well supported in the UK by official importers, Flylight Airsports Ltd, with decades of experience in the UK Microlight industry and provide a customer assembly support hotline, by either telephone or email, and keep fast moving spares in stock for immediate delivery.

Flylight also offer test flying facilities and ongoing service support for Air Creation products, be it all engine or airframe servicing requirements or annual permit to fly inspections and check flights.