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Magic Days of 2003
A short film showing some of the fun days,
flying the whole range of aircraft available
from Flylight back in 2003
The Icarus Cup
The most aesthetically pleasing aircraft ever made
to do battle to fight it out for the coveted title.
Champion of The Icarus Cup, 2012
Betterfly's 6th Flight
When I was only 12 years old, I received a book
on man powered flight. The aircraft were immensely
complicated back then.
Aviation History
David Barford's man powered aircraft Betterfly
makes it's maiden flight at Sywell Aerodrome.
Dog Fight
Aerial battle between 2 FlyLight Dragonflies...
only one will win.
Flight for the Common Man
A brief history of my flying years,
missing out a lot but still enjoyable.
Dragonski Chase
Chasing a Dragon Combat over the
winter snowfields of England.
Dragonski Chase
Chasing a Dragonfly Combat on skis
across the snowfields of England.
Dragonfly microlight on skis for the new Ice Age.
Dragonfly on Skis
First take off with the new ski set on the Dragonfly...
bring on the winter.